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IN DEMAND OCCUPATIONS - Canada - Invitation to become our clients

We are inviting individuals to contact us to help you and your family to become permanent residents of Canada. :
1. Are Less than 40 years old  ( or if between 40 -44 you must have two or more post secondary certificates) 
2. Have a University degree
3. Have savings over US$12,000
4. Have a minimum of 3 years work experience in one of the occupations listed below.

Or call 613.695.8777 to book an appointment to find out more.  Financial auditors and accountantsOther financial officersProfessional occupations in advertising, marketing and public relationsAdministrative assistantsAccounting technicians and bookkeepersEngineers - (Civil, Mechanical, Software, Chemical, Computer)Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nursesLicensed practical nursesPsychologistPhysiotherapistCollege and other vocational instructorsParalegal and related occupationsSocial and community service workersMedical Doctors
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Professional and Skilled People Needed in Canada - Here's how to Qualify

Published in the Jamaica Gleaner - December 11, 2018 Dear Ms Powell, I am interested in living in eitherManitoba or Saskatchewan as I have friends who have moved there. I have been a manager for the past six years, and I'm ready to make a change in my life and give Canada a try. What do you suggest for a professional like me who wants a better life for his family? How long will the process take? - A.S. FIND OUT IF YOU QUALIFY TO COME TO CANADA CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE OUR FREE ASSESSMENT FORM Dear A.S., Canada has a very generous immigration system, so managers and other professionals with a degree could qualify to come to Canada under the Federal Skilled Work Programme and the provincial nominee programmes (PNP) of several provinces. Each province has its own application portal, and the federal government of Canada has its own system for receiving applications from qualified individuals. The federal immigration system utilises the express entry system, which manages applications from in…

Immigration Corner | I Don't Want To Be Denied Again

Dear Miss Powell, I applied for a visitor's visa, but was refused one as they said I didn't have enough ties. What does that mean? I want to visit my family in December, but I don't want to be rejected again. Dan Dear Dan, When you apply for a temporary resident/visitor's visa, it is up to you to convince the immigration officer that you are not a flight risk and that you have intentions of returning to your home country at the end of the time granted for you to visit. To do so, you will need to establish that you have sufficient economic and social ties to your home country.  I will outline some tips on how to prevent your visa application from being denied by establishing economic and social ties to your home country. Economic Ties
There are several ways to establish economic ties. You should include as many of the following proofs with your application:
1. Stable, permanent job, preferably with the same employer for a minimum of one year. To prove that, you will need to su…

Manager wants to apply under express entry

Dear Miss Powell, I am a manager at a hotel and I'm fluent in English, Spanish and French. I am interested in applying under the express entry programme to Canada, but I'm not sure if I would qualify. Can you please tell me how I can qualify to live in Canada? Is my occupation on the list that Canada wants? My husband is a chef at a hotel as well. Should we apply separately, or do we have to apply together? Is there a limit on the number of persons that are selected? Do we need a job offer first? We are looking forward to your response. Thanks for your help. - PP Dear PP, The express entry system is a tool utilised by Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to accept applications under programmes such as Federal Skilled Trade, the Federal Skilled Worker, the Provincial Nominee programme and the Canadian Experienced Class. Qualified individuals are accepted into a pool of candidates, and then individuals are selected, based on the scores, and invited to apply for Canadian…


Dear Miss Powell, I just started six form and I want to work with autistic children. My aunt who lives in Ontario said that she doesn't think I need to attend upper sixth to get into a college in Canada to qualify to work with autistic children. She recommended I ask you which college offers that course and if I can start in January, or do I have to wait until next September? How do I apply for a study permit? Can I work on a part-time basis while I study? Thanks for your help. - AN Dear AN, The study of autism and behavioural science in Canada is usually a graduate diploma. This means that most colleges will require that you provide proof that you have successfully completed a minimum of a two-year programme and awarded a certificate from a university or college in a related field such as education, behavioural sciences, social work, education, psychology and nursing. Therefore, your first step should be to apply to do a diploma in one of the programmes listed above and then appl…

Can I use a travel agent to apply to live in Canada?

Dear Miss Powell, I hear all the time about friends and colleagues moving to Canada for a better life. I have a degree and work as a manager for a small business. My husband is an electrician. How can we get to Canada? How fast can this application be done? Do we need to use a lawyer, or can we just use a travel agent? A friend said she just signed up with a travel agency to apply for her to become a citizen of Canada. Should I do the same? - J.J. Dear J.J., Canada has several programmes available under which you can apply to go to Canada to visit, work, and study or live permanently. Each programme is unique, and therefore, the programme that you choose should be based on your individual situation. The most popular programmes under which you apply to go to Canada are the following: 1. Family Class Sponsorship 2. Quebec Skilled Worker Programme 3. Federal Skilled Worker Programme 4. Federal Skilled Trades Programme 5. Canadian Experience Class 6. Provincial Nominees Programme 7. Entrepr…

How Do I Prove That I Have Enough Money To Migrate?

Dear Miss Powell, I've been saving for the past three years for my move to Canada. I'm a young pharmacist and I plan to sponsor myself as a Federal Skilled Worker. How much money do I need to have in my bank account? I have a joint account with my mother. Can I use this as proof? How do I prove that I have enough money to migrate to Canada? - PP Dear PP, The government of Canada has various programmes to grant persons permanent residence under the category of economic immigrants. These programmes are classified as the Federal Skilled Worker Programme, the Federal Skills Trade Programme, and applications are submitted via the express entry portal. In order to be eligible under these programmes, qualified individuals are required to show that they have enough funds to facilitate their move and ultimate settlement in Canada. This is called settlement funds. This is required of persons without a job offer and other categories, except under Canadian Experience Class programme.