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Provincial Nominee Programmes - Canada

Dear Miss Powell, I’m interested in applying to live in Canada under the provincial nominee programme. I have aunts and cousins living in Ontario so I think I will apply under Ontario. Do I need to be working in a specific job? What are the minimum requirements? Do I need a job offer before I apply? What if I want to set up a business? I look forward to your response. Thank you.

 FIND OUT IF YOU QUALIFY TO COME TO CANADA click here and complete our free assessment form . IC Dear IC, Each province in Canada has its own system of granting a provincial nominee programme. Some have a list of in-demand occupations based on their current labour force and this is posted on their website. Individuals who are granted a provincial nominee usually have enough points to be selected for permanent residence by the federal government of Canada under the express entry system. Basic Requirements The various provinces have their own requirements and you may need to apply directly to the province. However, …
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Canada’s Generous Immigration System

 FIND OUT IF YOU QUALIFY TO COME TO CANADA click here and complete our free assessment form . Dear Miss Powell, I saw where you posted on Facebook that any individual under 35 years with a degree can get to live permanently in Canada. Is Canada really immigrant friendly? Here’s my situation, I am 28 years old and I have a diploma and a degree from Mico. I am a teacher at a high school. I don’t have any family in Canada. Does that mean I qualify to go to Canada? I also have a son and his father isn’t supporting him. Can I take him? Thanks for your time and keep up the good work. RO Dear RO, Canada has a very generous immigration system, whereby individuals who have the education, skills, work experience and other factors, may get permanent residence in Canada in a matter of months. In fact, Canada is the country of choice for most professional and skilled workers worldwide in recent years. Canada faces challenges such as an ageing population and declining birth rate. These factors have le…

Conditions under Study Permit - Canada

Dear Miss. Powell: I am an international student who started studying in Canada two years ago and I’m having a difficult time with finances as my mother died in November.Just dealing with the funeral and all the stress has taken a toll on me. To make it worst, I couldn’t find the school fee for January and so I applied to take some time off school. I am thinking that I will work full time and save some money so that I can go back to school in September and just get my head together. Do I need to apply to the government for this leave as well? What application should I submit?Thanks for your help. AA
Dear AA,
I am sorry to hear of the loss of your mother and that you are having a difficult time in Canada.Have you spoken to the counselors at the school? Most schools have guidance counselors who can assist you with emotional and assist you with getting medical support.They may even have information about grants for international students. Study Permit Conditions
While I understand your situati…

How much money do I need to immigrate to Canada?

Dear Miss Powell,
I have a bachelor’s degree and 5 years experience as a manager in a private company and I’m thinking of trying out the express entry programme for Canada. I want to sponsor myself, my son and my wife. My wife is also a professional with a degree so I think we have the required education and work experience to do well in Canada. I’m just wondering if this is something I can afford as people say you need to show a lot of money. How much money do I need to immigrate to Canada?  Is there a maximum? What do I need to show?  Can we use our house and cars as collateral?  Looking forward to your response. Thanks PN
Dear PN, If you are applying under the express entry system to live permanently in Canada as a Federal Skilled Worker or as a Federal Skilled Trade Worker, you will need to show the government of Canada that you have the financial means to support yourself and your family, once you are granted permanent residence. The required amount is called “settlement funds”.
The p…

Immigration Corner | How Can I Seek Asylum In Canada?

Dear Ms Powell, I am living in a very difficult situation and I need to escape. Can I seek asylum in Canada? I have a friend living in Toronto who said she went to Canada on a visitor’s visa and stayed, and is applying to stay as a refugee. Another friend said it won’t work. I want to know if I qualify before I make the move. Please tell me how I can qualify to seek asylum in Canada. – BN Dear BN, You did not provide details of your ‘difficult situation’ and the reason you feel the need to escape from your current location. This information is critical to assess whether or not you would qualify as a refugee and be granted asylum in Canada. A refugee application is not to be taken lightly, and you must ensure that you are able to satisfy the requirements before you put in an application, as this could have profound effect on whether or not you are able to come to Canada in the future, if your application fails. Asylum claimants will be put though a very rigorous process to ensure that th…

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New rules for Canada's Parents and Grandparents Programme (PGP)

Dear Miss Powell, You said that the Parents and Grandparents Programme (PGP) usually opens on January 1, but I have tried to submit an application to sponsor my mother and I couldn't. Has the policy changed? Can I no longer sponsor my mother to live with me here in Canada? NN Dear NN, Recently, Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) announced a change in the parent and grandparent's programme (PGP.) This was the government's response to public concerns. This is also the reason for the delay in the opening of the programme, which is now scheduled for January 28, 2019. On that day, individuals who are interested in sponsoring their parents or grandparents will need to ensure that they are ready to submit their application and carefully follow the new rules. How To Apply? Step 1 : You will first have to ensure that you are eligible to sponsor your parent or grandparent. I have written several articles about this and so I will only emphasize on key factor.  You should be a…