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How much money do I need to visit and live in Canada

   REQUEST A ZOOM/TELEPHONE MEETING  Dear Ms Powell, I am an insurance executive, and I am interested in Canada for two reasons. First, I would like to visit to see if Canada is somewhere I would like to live. Second, I would like to apply to live there if I find that I like the place. The issue is that I hear that to make any application, I need to show that I have enough money for both the visit and to move there. My question is this. How much money do I need for the visit, and how much money if I were applying to stay there as a self-sponsored person. What documents would they need as proof? Thank you in advance for your time and response. – SA f you are planning to visit Canada, you must provide evidence that you can support yourself and the family members who will be travelling with you. There is no fixed amount that you must show when applying for a visitor’s visa. However, you should clearly show that you have the resources for your travel. This includes money for
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Immigration Corner | Can I quit my job after nomination?

  BOOK A TELEPHONE MEETING  Dear Miss Powell, I read your articles all the time and notice that you give some good advice, so I’m turning to you to help me. I first came to Ontario as a student. I completed my postgraduate studies a few years ago and want to stay permanently, as I have family here. However, because of my age, my scores were low. I was worried that I will have to return home, then my employer helped me to get a Provincial Nomination under the job offer stream. I was very happy for his help, but now he is starting to behave as if he is doing me a big favour. We had a big falling-out recently, and the work environment has become too toxic. I am thinking of quitting. Do you think that if I quit, my application for permanent residence will be affected? RN Dear RN, I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with your employer. When you receive a certificate of nomination under the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Programme (OINP), both the employer and the applicant must continu

Maintaining Status in Canada.

BOOK A TELEPHONE MEETING  Foreign nationals who are in Canada are required to always maintain status when they are in Canada. That means that if you are a temporary resident, such as a visitor, student, or foreign worker, and you apply to extend your temporary resident status before the permit expires, you can legally remain in Canada until a decision is made on the application. During the period that you are waiting for your application to be processed, you are deemed to have implied status or considered to have maintained status in Canada.  If you remain in Canada, this status is recognised by the government of Canada, and you are not regarded as remaining illegally, or seen as someone who has overstayed or run afoul of the immigration rules. However, if you leave Canada, this status will no longer be applicable to you. You will be required to reapply to renter Canada. Since, in your case, your work permit has expired only a month ago, and you applied for permanent resid

Immigration Corner | Canada’s new NOC Code

BOOK A TELEPHONE MEETING    Dear Miss Powell, I was doing some research about how to apply to go to Canada and I came across on of your articles. You mentioned that not all work experience after university would be acceptable under the Express Entry System, as Canada is looking for work experience based on certain NOC codes. I am a little confused about where my work experience falls, as I see various codes for the same occupation. I look forward to your response. – HB Dear HB Your question comes at an opportune time as Statistics Canada has recently published an update to the National Occupational Classification (NOC). These codes are usually used by government departments such as Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), and to review applicants’ eligibility under the Express Entry System, as well as for temporary foreign worker programme . WHAT IS A NOC CODE? This is a national reference code used to identify occupations. Under the current system, each occupation is identif

Immigration Corner | What are my chances of migrating to Canada?

   REQUEST A ZOOM/TELEPHONE MEETING  Dear Miss Powell, I have two cousins living in Alberta. They both went to Canada under the Express Entry System, but I notice that lately. nobody is being selected from outside of Canada. Do you know if they are accepting applications from international persons? I haven’t heard of anyone getting accepted lately. I don’t want to waste money getting my documents together if Canada isn’t selecting people to emigrate there. What do you think are my chances of being selected? What programmes can I apply for to go to Canada? – KB  REQUEST A ZOOM/TELEPHONE MEETING  Dear  KB, Each week, I am asked, “What are my chances of immigrating to Canada?” My answer is, your chances are excellent, if you are able to qualify. To qualify, you need to understand the various programmes that are available for persons to come to Canada and the requirement for each programme. Canada is still accepting applications from international persons and will continue to do so in acco

Immigration Corner | Can my Canadian wife sponsor me while living in Jamaica?

BOOK A TELEPHONE MEETING  Dear Miss Powell, I am married to a Canadian citizen. We got married three years ago and since then, she has not returned to Canada. She is a stay-at-home mom and does not work. Since the pandemic, we have decided that it’s best for our family to move to Canada, but we are not sure how this would work. I am the main breadwinner and rely on the support of my wife, who takes care of the children and our home. We cannot afford to be apart, and so we want to know if she can sponsor us even though she is not living in Canada? What if I co-sign to be responsible, would that help? I own a lot of properties in Jamaica and a business. Also, the children are mine. Can they be added to the application? How long does the application take? I look forward to your response. MT The application for sponsorship of a family member is a two-step process. The first step is for your sponsor to prove that she is qualified, and the second is for the sponsored individuals to prove tha

What is the purpose of an LMIA (when hiring a Foreign Worker in Canada)

BOOK A TELEPHONE MEETING  Dear Miss Powell, I was born in Jamaica, and I am now a citizen of Canada. I have a small business in Canada and I’m trying to hire someone from overseas, as I haven’t been able to find suitable workers in Canada. When I gave her the job offer, she asked me if I’m LMIA-exempt, or if I have an LMIA. What is the purpose of an LMIA? I can’t find workers in Canada, and everyone knows there is a labour shortage. Why is such a report necessary? Please tell me how to get that report so that I can forward it so she can apply to come to Canada and help me in my business. I look forward to your response in  The Gleaner . Thank you. OP A Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) report is an opinion prepared by an officer of the federal government who has evaluated several factors to determine if the employer is indeed experiencing a labour shortage, and access the genuineness of the job offer. It is a report which signals to the department of Immigration Refugee and Citize